Saturday, September 25, 2010

new tricks: in no particular order

holds her own bottle
sits up
first day of daycare and 1st grade (previous pic she dove out of chair, Bug was seriously not letting it happen again!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hats off

quick note before heading to Bug's first soccer game of the fall season.

Hannah is all through with her helmet. Done. Done and is now sitting on a pile of clothes in her room to be put away later.

Pictures to come.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

schools in session

survived my first week. only three days but hello, that was enough.
love my new position at the middle school working with my old elementary
family and kiddos. I feel bad for all those dont have AC. I'm in one of the two buildings in the districts that have AC. Ifind that a fabulous perk of the middle school. I'm still learning the building, so huge compared to the small country elementary school. I only get lost half a dozen times a day.

AJ is loving first grade. He is doing well and says his new teacher is
very nice. He has homework and is excited about it...boy will that
ever change in the future. Soccer has started and he is one of the
more skilled kiddos on his team, which is great for his little ego.

Hannah is adapting well to her new daycare. K is awesome and finds
Hannah to be a very easy and happy baby. Hannah has an appt. next
Wednesday for her helmet and I am 99.9% sure he will say she is all
done. I can't wait to have a "hats off party" for her (stealing your idea Stacie). Her head is beautiful and with no longer having the helmet all her special needs
services will be done with as PT ended two weeks before school
started. She is at the cusp of crawling and we are baby proofing as we
go. We are digging out the gates, we got at her baby shower, this
weekend. She can roll like crazy when not being helped around by AJ.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. We will try not to melt as this past week is meeting and passing Maine's record highs for this time of year. Not cool. (literally) Earl is heading this way, but hopefully wont hit us too hard as it's going to be just off the coast. But I do foresee losing power at some point due to high winds and rain.

AJ's play date is just about over, we are heading over to FIL for sandwiches as he has AC. Hope all are doing well.