Tuesday, September 29, 2009

today's OB appt. @ 27 wks

So, if you know me and my pregnancy past you know that this week. 27 is the week I went into 18 hrs of preterm labor with Bug before it was stopped. I still had him early. But not at that dangerous stage.

Here I am 27 wks and i feel like crap-o-la. My stomach hurts, not like ligament stretching or baby kicks, but like who the hell knows. It hurts. I get winded walking Bug to the bus stop or simply going up and down the stairs of our split level home.

I am now on unofficial partial bed rest. Dr. also did an exam today that would indicate if I would go into labor in the next two weeks. It came back neg. She also did an internal exam and my cervix is closed. All good news. She did frown and say that the Perri is most likely wrong and that I will go early. I am also being referred to do all my future u/s at the perri office in the city versus at my reg. ob.

I've lost two more pounds since last week. I weight less now then I did when I got pregnant. I have a jaw line again. craziness.

She really felt bad for me at my appt. she said that this seems to be a much more difficult pregnancy then Bug's. And that is saying alot since I was in and out of the hospital with him. Flu, preterm labor, breech, early birth. With Bug I felt fine until I wasn't. With Hannah girl I just feel horrible all the time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

MORE GD FUN. plus physical drainage

So, My sugar numbers continue to be crazy high....

Talked to the specialist today and gee guess what....

UPPING my night time meds.

I continue to be shaky. I get tired so easily. I can't stand for long periods of time. My lower and upper abdomen hurts when I walk. This weekend when walking in Walmart I had to stop and clutch my stomach several times. Stairs wind me. I feel like I should be on bed rest. At least partial.

I am lucky that I am not working. But I feel so lazy when I do rest. I just want a dr. to tell me...hey you are going to be 27 wks tomorrow. the wk you went into preterm with Bug, you feel this way physically, maybe you should be on bed rest. If not complete then partial....

BAM. instant guilt free.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

thank you

Thanks to you ladies that have stuck by my side. I know I haven't been fun to read lately. But I do appreciate your input and presence in my life. I wouldn't be where I am today without you.

Thank you for coming back.


Friday, September 25, 2009

more GD fun

My sugars have been crazy high. Not doing anything different. three days ago. I had cheerios, sugar was 111. Today same meal...155 sugar count.

I am now on morning meds...


meds, day and night now....

this pregnancy just gets better and better.

I wish it was dec. and I have my little girl in my arms.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what's up: Habits

I have this annoying habit. When I am stressed or anxious I dig the side of my thumb with my index finger. Half the time I dont realize I am stressed or anxious until I wake up in the morning with a deep cut like sliver on my thumb.

That is where I am at. digging at my thumb. Dumb..but true. I'm 26 wks today. One week away from the time I went into Preterm with Bug. I am thinking that he stretched my uterus to the point that my Hannah-Girl will go longer, but at the same time I am so damn uncomfortable.

It's harder to get up. Harder to move around. I have to piss all the time and when I am not I am holding it in which is uncomfortable, but it's such a process to go to the bathroom for just a dribble that it annoys me. So I hold it until a good pee builds up.

I am on meds now for my GD. haven't quite eaten well these past four days. cause I am sleeping/napping to get past this depression I am in. I am just so tired. I dont know if it's my GD that is making me tired, being this pregnant, not sleeping at night, or the depression.

All I want to do is eat shit and smoke. Brilliant right. Of course those coping skills are not an option. Leaving me more down in the mouth. But I can't even sleep cause of having to take damn sugars. I cant take a bath cause I like them boiling hot and well, I can't do that cause of the baby.

Now I feel like a heel cause I'm bitching...I'm always bitching. and I am pregnant, when so many wonderful ladies out there arent.

But, man. I am depressed. I can't even get my act in gear to work on Hannah's room. get ready for her arrival. I have nothing for her. some clothes and a crib that needs to be put together that was Bugs. WTH. why is this pregnancy so different from Bug's emotionally. I was on top of the world. I am not saying I am not thrilled beyond happiness for Hannah. I am just simply....who knows.

But my thumb hurts from being dug all day and night long. habits.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

drive by...

Just me doing a drive by...

Dont really have the energy to write lately. Sorry for the absence.

I am now on medication for GD. morning sugars have been way too high. But nothing I can control since they are fasting sugars. Just my placenta having fun.

Hannah is kicking like crazy. particularly my bladder.

Bug has settled well into school. He loves it. He is also loving soccer. Getting more and more confident on the field. He is also getting clingy. Velcro needs to be removed. currently he is playing Wii but his arm is resting on my arm. we are hip to hip. This is my new norm. And he is becoming fascinated by my ever so growing boobies. more so then my hubby actually.

anyhoo. Hubby and I are off to dinner and a movie with Bug's Godparents. I need to check my sugars before I go and go to the bathroom fifty times in a ten minute span.

Hope all is well with you guys.

DID I mention I will have only 100 days left tomorrow...yippee.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A quick howdy-do before I have to run (no not literally)to the bus stop to pick up Bug from his second full day of K. He is loving it by the way. I should get it on video that he loves school so much so when he is a stubborn unruly teenager who hates school I can pull it out and say, no you dont.

I still haven't gotten the hang of the G.D. thing. My sugars are fluctuating and I feel so hungry all the time. But I can tell you that without sweets in my diet my salad last night was soooo yummy. I hate salad.

Since starting to eat, counting carbs, (45g of carbs at meals and 15g of carbs for two snacks a day) I have lost almost four pounds. It's totally amazing. sucks. But amazing. I miss my breads, pasta, pizza,cookies and caffeine free pepsi. I even have to watch the amount of fruits I eat. only half a large banana or a medium size apple. It's crazy what carbs are in. No juice. too much. That practically has a full meal serving in one glass.

crazy I tell ya.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm back...

finally got my computer running again. Computer worked, but internet didn't.

Busy week with the gestational diabetes specialist and trying to get a hang of it all.

More to come.