Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A quick howdy-do before I have to run (no not literally)to the bus stop to pick up Bug from his second full day of K. He is loving it by the way. I should get it on video that he loves school so much so when he is a stubborn unruly teenager who hates school I can pull it out and say, no you dont.

I still haven't gotten the hang of the G.D. thing. My sugars are fluctuating and I feel so hungry all the time. But I can tell you that without sweets in my diet my salad last night was soooo yummy. I hate salad.

Since starting to eat, counting carbs, (45g of carbs at meals and 15g of carbs for two snacks a day) I have lost almost four pounds. It's totally amazing. sucks. But amazing. I miss my breads, pasta, pizza,cookies and caffeine free pepsi. I even have to watch the amount of fruits I eat. only half a large banana or a medium size apple. It's crazy what carbs are in. No juice. too much. That practically has a full meal serving in one glass.

crazy I tell ya.


  1. Whoa...hold on here...what the hell are you eating then?? You just listed off my entire diet that you are now restricted from, lol. I'm so sorry.

    Still not on official bed rest but I'm not allowed to do anything so it's pretty much the same thing. I have episodes of contractions that don't hurt, but my whole right side clenches up for hours. They are talking about putting me on P17 shots but then informed me that they can cause the baby's genitalia to be deformed. Ugh. Think I'll skip that, thank you.

  2. It sucks. totally totally sucks. I am so hungry. I ate dinner, a burger, and two bowls of salad. I was stuffed. It's been an hour and I am starving. I can't have a snack until 8:30. And when I do, it can't be for yummy taste, it's gotta be for a filler to keep me over until morning. I am dying.

  3. I hope the GD thing gets easier.

    I had a test at 18 weeks for it and don't have it now but I repeat my test at 24 weeks so I'm paying close attention to your experience with it in case I can learn something for later.

  4. My Dr said that they don't test until week 28?

  5. I have a family history of adult onset of diabetes and I am pleasantly plump. They tested me at 17 wks and I was way way way high.

    Suraita, ask me anything...I'm learning right now. But I have done a lot of research and am reading a book right now from the diabetes society I got from the library.

    It's not really about not eatting cookies. Its about counting carbs. It's amazing. Wishing I didn't have to deal with it. But I am learning alot.

  6. I hate salad. Loooove me some carbs though.