Tuesday, September 29, 2009

today's OB appt. @ 27 wks

So, if you know me and my pregnancy past you know that this week. 27 is the week I went into 18 hrs of preterm labor with Bug before it was stopped. I still had him early. But not at that dangerous stage.

Here I am 27 wks and i feel like crap-o-la. My stomach hurts, not like ligament stretching or baby kicks, but like who the hell knows. It hurts. I get winded walking Bug to the bus stop or simply going up and down the stairs of our split level home.

I am now on unofficial partial bed rest. Dr. also did an exam today that would indicate if I would go into labor in the next two weeks. It came back neg. She also did an internal exam and my cervix is closed. All good news. She did frown and say that the Perri is most likely wrong and that I will go early. I am also being referred to do all my future u/s at the perri office in the city versus at my reg. ob.

I've lost two more pounds since last week. I weight less now then I did when I got pregnant. I have a jaw line again. craziness.

She really felt bad for me at my appt. she said that this seems to be a much more difficult pregnancy then Bug's. And that is saying alot since I was in and out of the hospital with him. Flu, preterm labor, breech, early birth. With Bug I felt fine until I wasn't. With Hannah girl I just feel horrible all the time.


  1. i'm glad to hear that she won't come too early, but it stinks you aren't feeling well. Is there anything you can do or take?? ((HUGS))

  2. I know you feel like shit, but at least they think you are not going into labor and you are doing partial bed rest. That's great. You need to take it easy and don't beat yourself up for not doing anything. In a year you'll be working full time and have two kids and be thinking "what was I stressed about then, lol!"

    Why are they moving your ultrasounds to the Peri's office?

    Once we have these kids I'll fly to Maine and take you out for cocktails:)

  3. Glad to hear she is not going to be born to early. I am praying for you and your little Hannah. Rest and stay off your feet.

  4. The Peri office is a whole office full of services for high risk. u/s and GD, nutritionist all the good stuff are there. They are better equipped and more familiar with UU. Although not really. more like high risk pregnancy. My OB wanted me to be seen there due to the GD and the UU. Just a bunch of things piling up that is making her nervous. But she really wants to do the c/s. I think I am her first patient with a UU and she wants to see what is in there.

    I really like her. I hope she gets her chance. Not some dude on rotation in the city.

  5. Glad to hear that you are negative for anything happening in the next two weeks. I hope your partial bedrest goes well. I haven't done it so far so I don't want to make any assumptions about if it makes you feel better when you are tired or not (seems like sometimes it could make you more tired) but I hope that it is good for you and Hannah!