Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hannah had her molding the day after she turned five months. I have never heard her cry so hard. It was almost comical. Every time the dr. moved away from her to get something off the bar she would stop crying, then when he came back she would start crying again, before he even did anything. He was great with her.

Two more weeks and my dear sweet baby girl will have her helmet. I will update later with pictures, cause yeah I took pics the whole time. (I even had Mike and the Dr. taking pictures too). I just dont have the energy to do that right this second. Bug has t-ball in a half hour...then I am taking a nap. I'm exhausted.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4 + 2 = SIX MONTHS!!!!...UPDATE


So, I talked to the Ortho place today. I was told that there is a branch in my backyard instead of the one we were referred to. (this is amazing since it's the only place in the state that our ins. covers. Next closest place in the next state over)

SO, I was like awesome and by the way I want a sooner appt. I got one. For next Wednesday, for eval and scan. I am told this should take 90 min. two weeks from then is the fitting.

She said that these dates were tentative because she needs to wait on approval from ins. I said, NO. these dates are set. If ins. doesn't cover it we will pay out of pocket. Her response. Do you realize how expensive this will be. My immediate reply. You do realize this is my daughter we are talking about. I dont care how expensive it will be. surprising she didn't have a response...

So we wait. BUT only for a week.

Hannah is doing so well that we are reducing her PT session from 2x a week to 1x a week.

I got a call today (message on voicemail) and Hannah's scan for her helmet appt. is June 8th. WTF. JUNE. she will be six months. She was dx at four months. It shouldn't be taking this long. I dont have access to a phone during the day while at work, so I am having hubby call tomorrow to request an earlier date. There better be a time this month.

Right now I am in the line of fire between Bug and his grandfather, Poppy, wrestling session.

better go before I get nailed...

will continue to update soon.