Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

not working.

Not much going on. We had the lawn sale on saturday. totally wiped me out.

But I am excited that we made enough money to buy school clothes for Bug. (he starts kindergarten in less then a month) and have money set aside for the baby.

It's hard that I am still not working. Not getting much in the form of interviews. when I do go in I rock the interviews, but then my belly is big and who wants to hire someone who is going to go out on maternity leave. And they dont even know about the high risk and potential of bed rest at any moment.

I just hope that we can hold on financially until I do work. Which will most likely be after the baby is born.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bugs allergy testing

So the other day was Bugs big dr. appointment with the allergist. He was such a trooper. I was so proud of him. He had over a dozen pricks on his back and then couldnt really move for fifteen minutes as they set in.

No rash. Meant no Allergy. He didn't have a rash. Not a one.

So they went next to a TB like test where they took needles (Bug was not impressed) and put allergens under the skin. FIVE TIMES. Boy did he scream. But amazingly he was still polite when he cried. "stop please. Please stop."

Again no rash. WTH. I would have bet that he had environmental allergies. Sure as hell felt like it this past spring.

But that is good right. He is still allergic to the fruits that we knew of. Just like his dad. except his dad is worse. We will keep an eye on him. He may grow out of those or may pick up new ones.

But all in all I have a gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful little boy who is healthy as can be. Not bad for a preemie.

Did I mention he was gorgeous. man I love that kid. Although I did tell my former college roommate who just opened a massage business that I would trade him for an hour massage. Oh how great that would be. LOL.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Placenta Previa information

So I have a couple Blog Friends who have recently been diagnosed with Placenta Previa.

Each week I get an email with information regarding the week I am at. (currently 17 weeks BTY)

this week Placenta Previa jumped out at me and I thought of you ladies. So here it is....

Hope it helps. (ignore all the ads. the info is interesting.)


so I have been MIA.

During the process of turning the den into the babies room the wireless got messed up. So I was off line for a little while.

That was tough but not as bad as it would be since I have been sick. UGH. and have been sleeping like crazy. I still feel sluggish and it's gone from my throat to my ears.

Fun times.

baby is moving a little more. Cant feel it all the time, but more and more. It's cool.

I am hoping to find out the gender really soon. But not sure when it will happen.

I'm off to take a shower before I lose my boost of energy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby's room

I can't wait. This weekend my father in law is coming over to help my husband move the desk and other large furniture out of the den so I can start turning it into the baby's room.

I have no idea what I am going to do about the closet though. I have been using it for my clothes while hubby uses the one in the bedroom. Hmmm. Gotta think about that. Plus it has my craft supplies and christmas items in there for storage....

I can't wait to find out if I am having a boy or a girl. Luckily the nursery items I have left from Bug are neutral. A pretty light green safari theme. (I love elephants and giraffes)

Bug is wanting breakfast. later all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So about a week or so ago I tripped on two things. Both at night. One was the vacuum not put away by hubby and the other was bucket part of Bugs dump truck. Again not put away. It hurt and I said some pretty colorful words. Went to the bathroom and back to bed.

I dont know which trip did it, but now I can hardly walk. I went to the doc today and they didn't want to do x-rays, well they did, but not with me being preggers. so instead they are giving me a shoe. A special shoe to wear for 4-6 weeks as if I did break the bone just behind my big toe. With the swelling and such she is pretty sure it could be broken, but without the x-ray she isnt sure to the extent. shoe or surgery. So she says go with the shoe and if it still hurts after such weeks then we will go from there, but pretty much can't do anything until after I have the baby. anyways.

Hopefully it's just a small crack (fracture) and the shoe will heal it.

If it's not one thing it's another. UGH.

Monday, July 13, 2009

butterfly kisses

I took my first sip of coffee this morning (my one and only cup all day).

Moments later I felt this wonderful flutter.

Butterfly kisses in my belly.

A wonderful, beautiful feeling.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's friday night and.....

Long freakin' day. But a good one.

Field trip, playing at neighbors, strawberry picking.

IN THE SUN... I'm ready for bed.

Is 6:10 on a Friday night too early for bed?

Monday, July 6, 2009

yup yup

Not much going on.

Hubby is on a mini vaca.

we are getting a lot done around the house.

Bug remains clingy.

MIL is driving me nuts.

I am exhausted.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rain Rain go away, come back...oh wait. Dont come back it's the Fouth.

So it's been raining for weeks now. NO freakin joke. I feel like I live in Seattle not Maine.

We went to my brother's camp for the fourth holiday today. We had fun with the cousins. Fishing, kayaking, wiffleball, food, laughs and an attempt at swimming.

I say attempt b/c the water was so cold. The rock that the adults usually sit on while the kids swim around us was covered so much that it went above my knee. Only my two nieces attempted to swim. I tried sitting on the rock but instantly I started to get cramps. Baby didnt like the cold.

We were about to light morning glory sparklers when a horrendous storm cloud could be seen crossing the lake. My dad literally had the match lit when the first rain drop started with a shower and thunder to follow. I have never seen clean up happen so fast.

We are home. Hubby is taking a nap. Bug is on the computer in the den and I am about to make waffles with the fresh strawberries we picked this week and blueberries with whipped cream....Red, White and Blue yumminess for dinner.

Have a happy fourth everyone.