Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So about a week or so ago I tripped on two things. Both at night. One was the vacuum not put away by hubby and the other was bucket part of Bugs dump truck. Again not put away. It hurt and I said some pretty colorful words. Went to the bathroom and back to bed.

I dont know which trip did it, but now I can hardly walk. I went to the doc today and they didn't want to do x-rays, well they did, but not with me being preggers. so instead they are giving me a shoe. A special shoe to wear for 4-6 weeks as if I did break the bone just behind my big toe. With the swelling and such she is pretty sure it could be broken, but without the x-ray she isnt sure to the extent. shoe or surgery. So she says go with the shoe and if it still hurts after such weeks then we will go from there, but pretty much can't do anything until after I have the baby. anyways.

Hopefully it's just a small crack (fracture) and the shoe will heal it.

If it's not one thing it's another. UGH.


  1. oh man! That's terrible!! Can you take anything for the pain? man alive, just what you need when you're hanging out with Bug too, a big boot on your foot.

  2. Ouch! Hoping the boot does the trick and your foot heals quickly.

    The guy on the local morning radio show was talking about this very thing. He wants to invent steel toed slippers for night walking. I bet he'd have a market for it!


  3. That sounds really painful!