Tuesday, July 21, 2009


so I have been MIA.

During the process of turning the den into the babies room the wireless got messed up. So I was off line for a little while.

That was tough but not as bad as it would be since I have been sick. UGH. and have been sleeping like crazy. I still feel sluggish and it's gone from my throat to my ears.

Fun times.

baby is moving a little more. Cant feel it all the time, but more and more. It's cool.

I am hoping to find out the gender really soon. But not sure when it will happen.

I'm off to take a shower before I lose my boost of energy.


  1. Being pregnant and sick at the same time is just misery! Glad you have a project to distract you:-)

  2. I was wondering what happened to you:) How cool that you can feel the baby move. How many weeks are you at? I hope you feel better. I'm just sleeping all the time too. I just got up and made a dozen cupcakes though, lol. Baby likes cupcakes...who am I to deny?