Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rain Rain go away, come back...oh wait. Dont come back it's the Fouth.

So it's been raining for weeks now. NO freakin joke. I feel like I live in Seattle not Maine.

We went to my brother's camp for the fourth holiday today. We had fun with the cousins. Fishing, kayaking, wiffleball, food, laughs and an attempt at swimming.

I say attempt b/c the water was so cold. The rock that the adults usually sit on while the kids swim around us was covered so much that it went above my knee. Only my two nieces attempted to swim. I tried sitting on the rock but instantly I started to get cramps. Baby didnt like the cold.

We were about to light morning glory sparklers when a horrendous storm cloud could be seen crossing the lake. My dad literally had the match lit when the first rain drop started with a shower and thunder to follow. I have never seen clean up happen so fast.

We are home. Hubby is taking a nap. Bug is on the computer in the den and I am about to make waffles with the fresh strawberries we picked this week and blueberries with whipped cream....Red, White and Blue yumminess for dinner.

Have a happy fourth everyone.


  1. Fresh strawberries!!! YUMMY!!!

  2. Happy 4th! Waffles sound delicious. I hope the weather clears up soon!!