Friday, July 24, 2009

Bugs allergy testing

So the other day was Bugs big dr. appointment with the allergist. He was such a trooper. I was so proud of him. He had over a dozen pricks on his back and then couldnt really move for fifteen minutes as they set in.

No rash. Meant no Allergy. He didn't have a rash. Not a one.

So they went next to a TB like test where they took needles (Bug was not impressed) and put allergens under the skin. FIVE TIMES. Boy did he scream. But amazingly he was still polite when he cried. "stop please. Please stop."

Again no rash. WTH. I would have bet that he had environmental allergies. Sure as hell felt like it this past spring.

But that is good right. He is still allergic to the fruits that we knew of. Just like his dad. except his dad is worse. We will keep an eye on him. He may grow out of those or may pick up new ones.

But all in all I have a gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful little boy who is healthy as can be. Not bad for a preemie.

Did I mention he was gorgeous. man I love that kid. Although I did tell my former college roommate who just opened a massage business that I would trade him for an hour massage. Oh how great that would be. LOL.

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