Saturday, May 15, 2010


Hannah had her molding the day after she turned five months. I have never heard her cry so hard. It was almost comical. Every time the dr. moved away from her to get something off the bar she would stop crying, then when he came back she would start crying again, before he even did anything. He was great with her.

Two more weeks and my dear sweet baby girl will have her helmet. I will update later with pictures, cause yeah I took pics the whole time. (I even had Mike and the Dr. taking pictures too). I just dont have the energy to do that right this second. Bug has t-ball in a half hour...then I am taking a nap. I'm exhausted.


  1. Ah yes. The wasn't a big hit at our house either. Of course I was wearing nice black work pants when they did it, too.

    I am a mom that takes pictures at these types of happenings, too!

  2. She sounds adorable & smart :)

  3. Well Yes, Melissa, of course she is. Smart. Smart. Smart. Aren't all our kids.

    It will be fun, Stacie, to show her what she endured when she gets older. I think I only have one (dont know how it happened) picture of me in braces when I had them. I think someone snuck it. cause I sure didn't open my mouth on purpose.


  4. Hoping things are going well and that the helmet does the trick ((hugs))