Thursday, August 26, 2010


hey all. I am so sorry it's taken so long to post...Having two kids sure is different then one.

We are doing well. Summer has been ok. I fell in a funk that was hard to get out of. Unsure about being recalled for school, but I was so that is good. This past week has been productive. More so then the whole summer combined. Dont think I juggled the age difference well with activities for Bug.

Hannah is near crawling and only has a few more weeks in her helmet. PT is over and she is doing great. She has two teeth on the bottom with two more coming through up top.

Bug is excited for first grade but is having nightmares (like at least four different days in this past week) not sure if this is related cause when he is conscious he is excited. He was sick the other day with a temp of 103.1 which made me nervous, he was talking gibberish. But it's passed with just a sore throat to show for it.

I'll be working Middle school this year with a little girl dx with Downs. I know her from when I worked in elementary three years ago and then via case management. She is a sweetheart but a handful.

H wants my keyboard...will try to be better w/ posting...

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  1. :D I was wondering if you'd post on here again :)

  2. CONGRATS on winning my giveaway!!!!
    Send me your shipping information so I can get your goodies over to you. :) H is getting SOOOO big!!! She is a real cutie pie :)
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