Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hannah 2 month stats and own

9LBS 12.5 oz (16%)
22 inches (26%) She grew a whole inch in a month!
head circumference 15.75 (whopping 75%)

I'll have to post her 2mo pictures later. I am way to tired to download them on the other computer and transfer them to mine right now.

The dr. warned us that Hannah has been laying too much on one side and causing a flat spot in the back and pushing one side of her forehead forward some to make her forehead uneven. who knew? we have to encourage her to lay on the other side of her head to even it out. I am so dyslexic I am going to put a small dot on the new side she needs to lay on. she also has a slight over bite. no surprise there since Half my siblings and I do as well. and Bug has a cross bite that will require braces later so he doesn't chip his adult teeth. He already has a small barely noticeable chip on one of his baby teeth.

Hannah giggled for the first time yesterday. It was adorable. She did it in her sleep while napping. First she smiled and then giggled THREE times. It was so cute. Bug was excited. Mommy, she laughed for the first time. He is really enjoying all her first maybe even more so then we are. Or maybe it's just touching so it seems so.

He said this morning, when Hannah was crying. "Mommy you are gonna have to get her because all I know to make her stop is to giver her her binky. that is all I know how to do. you know the other stuff. that is for sure".

I could just eat him up. Tomorrow he goes back to school after a weeks vacation. good gosh I am tired. I've kept him busy all week therefore keeping myself going as well. It's the busiest and most active I have been since bed rest.

I've dropped my glucose count by almost ten points with meds and watching what I eat. I will start my exercise routine most likely tomorrow. Blah. I am hoping when I get in the swing of it it will become more fun then a chore. I'm more of a team player. basketball, field hockey, soccer. It is hard to motivate myself. But I am way out of shape to play any of those.

Hope everyone is doing well.



  1. You're doing awesome, "that's for sure."

  2. I'm so glad that things are going so great! Also, I nominated you for a little award. You may not have time for it, but I was thinking of you anyway. :)