Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TMI and such

OK. second period since having the baby. First of all the post partum bleeding lasted FOREVER. totally unlike Bug. then the 1st real period after was a bit heavier and lasted longer then my typical MTHFR period of barely there three days. THIS time around I have moved into super absorbent and thanks to H for getting up in the middle of the night, cause I had to change my tampon again. I went through TWO in one night. Totally not me. And the cramps, backache and hormone charges to boot. I was complaining to hubby and he was like, but dont you prefer this over the complications of pregnancy. Good point there, Guy. Why yes I do. I stopped complaining.

Big news for me. I GOT A JOB. I will be working in the school as an educational Tech III. It will be working with a very emotionally fragile, extremely behavioral, abused little girl. This is her 2nd foster home in a year, 4th school. My heart breaks for her. But I am not naive enough to not see this as the challenge it will be. I heard from the principle that the (awesome, I know cause I have worked with her in the past) behavioral specialist who has been working with her the last few days until the position was filled (BY ME) that she is draining to staff. But I still can't hold down my excitement.

It's been 13.5 mo of unemployment (that includes the 4ish months I was on bed rest and post partum c/s recovery with H). I know it will be tiring at first. But hope to get in teh swing of things soon.

gotta go. totally lost track of my thoughts since it's been a whole morning since I wrote this, b/c I got boggled down with getting Bug off on the bus then have been with Hannah all morning who refuses to sleep more then ten minutes at a time.

Hugs to all. 3month pic of Hannah to come as soon as I upload them to the computer.

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  1. Congratulations about the job!!!

    I hope Hannah sleeps a little bit better so you can get a break.