Saturday, December 4, 2010


Life is a wee bit crazy. Hannah isn't sleeping again, but the ENT follow up for her tubes went great. Not sure what is going on. She has a cold, but geesh. Dr. appt today was canceled because I took Bug to swim lessons and hubby couldn't find my car keys. MIL used my car last and now she is home and doesn't remember where she put them. Good Grief. (after three hours of searching they were found in Hannah's car seat...perfect place for them)

I have three former zits on my face that are now full blown infection. Not sure what the hell that is about, but they hurt like mad.. One is in my nose and man that hurts terrible. I dont know why they aren't healing. They look hideous. and again, I will say, they HURT.

Hannah is turning one in less then a week. YIKES. how did that happen. We are broke and seriously, with all the illness around here I have no energy to go all out. I feel guilty, but what can I do. I just dont have the energy that I did when AJ turned ONE. She can't even have cake. Although I did talk to our "cake lady" so she is going to use Silk instead of regular milk. so maybe, she will eat it. I made a cake for her during our Thanksgiving birthday celebration with my family and her cousins (five birthdays in a four day span) and she had no interest... We shall see.

~Hannah is threatening to turn of the computer. I'm off..

Oh yeah. Weight update...I've lost 14 pounds. Go me. still not under 200, but I am excited that someday soon that will be the case (14 more pounds to go).



  1. She's got such a beautiful smile!!

    Sorry about the bug going around!!! That blows!

    E wanted nothing to do with cake on her first birthday either. She licked the frosting and handed it back to me :)

  2. took H to the dr. terrible cold. But no ear infection and no bronchitis. Such a good change from the last three months. But she is still miserable. The back molars popping through doesn't help her. her gums look like hamburger.

    She has gained almost a full pound since her surgery. Yeah.