Tuesday, December 1, 2009

36 wks. YIPEE....update...UPDATE on UPDATE

So today marks 36 wks. Totally excited b/c that means we can deliver locally when and if I ever go into labor.

Nothing much has happened since our Friday adventure.

I had my GD appt. yesterday and as usual my insulin was increased, this time all four daily injections were increased. L says this is because of my complete bed rest plus coming towards the end of the pregnancy.

I also had an u/s and she is all good. approx. 5 1/2 pounds.

I have an appt. with my OB today, I am hoping she checks to see if I have dilated any more.

I hope so...maybe she will say. lets have a baby.


OB appt. went well. no change in dilation but am 50% effaced. (meaning my cervix is half as long)

amnio 12/8 , due date if lungs are good 12/9, if lungs are not good-- FINAL due date 12/15.

Hannah will be here for Christmas.


the city hospital couldnt get me in for the amnio until 12/10. meaning c/s potentially 12/11 locally.

So frustrated. Would like something to just go as planned.

Hannah will still be here for 12/25 Christmas calendar date and 12/24 in law Christmas dinner. But my extended family has Christmas gathering the weekend before so my four siblings and I can spend Christmas day either at our own homes or with in laws.

Hopefully we wont be in hospital for 12/19. NO COMPLICATIONS please. I am so looking forward to going home. haven't been since bed rest started way back when.

Maybe Hannah will give me the best Christmas-Birthday combo present ever and say screw all that planning. I am coming earlier and I am coming now. that would be so sweet.


  1. WOOT!!! Congratulations on 36 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! To me having a final due date sounds good - are you glad to have an exact end in sight?