Friday, April 23, 2010

Hannah and X-Rays

Hannah had her PT eval today. She will have PT twice a week. Today we also went and had x-rays done. She is on her way of being fitted for a helmet.

I'm a bit overwhelmed and exhausted. not just physically but emotionally.

It's not bad I suppose compared to what others have gone through and are going through. Many of my friends in blogville and locally.

But I can't help but want to cry that my beautiful baby girl isn't "perfect"


  1. Hugs, Renee. I know about that "perfect" pain.

    The fun part is that you can have a "Hats Off Day" party, too! That didn't make you feel any better? Well, the helmets suck, but they do wonders. Yeah for you being proactive and getting this done while she is still so little. It will make the time she needs to wear the helmet that much less. And besides, pretty soon you'll forget how her head was shaped because it will be so round and perfect!

  2. Stacie. I am holding on by a thread. All brave and on top of things on the outside. pissed off and sick to my stomach on the inside.

    But like I said. this is small compared to what could have gone wrong and what others like your brave soul have gone through.

    I should feel blessed. But sometimes it's just easier to have a pity party for myself when no one is looking.

  3. Oh, hon. I didn't mean to make light of this. Unfortunately my experiences have given me a sort of sick sense of humor now. I get into this "laugh or cry" mode, and well, I've done too much crying as of late. I am sorry if I caused you even more pain!

    Of course this hurts your heart! There is not a single person out there who would want to see her child uncomfortable or have something like this happen. Being pissed off at...the universe is normal I'd think, too. (At least I hope so because I have that feeling a LOT.)

    I am so sorry you and little Hannah have to go through this at all. Hugs.

  4. No worries Stacie. I wasn't specifically saying you. I was saying in general that is how I have felt all day. And everyone around me is like...well it could be worse.

    True. true. and true. But it still sucks.

    I like sharing these things with you b/c we have such a similar take on life and you've experienced it.

    Who really knows about phlagi-a-whats it. until it comes knocking on your door. I sure the hell haven't and I have worked with special needs toddlers and school agers all my life. No helmets unless a kid was riding a bike.

    stay tuned cause I know I'll be leaning on you a lot. Same here too if you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with over our silly resilient children.