Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let it begin

So, I called the ins. company today to find out if they cover corrective helmets. PRAISE GOD and the stars that aligned cause they cover 2,500 bucks worth. The PT that I spoke to over the phone today said that if Hannah needed a helmet they would start at about 1,800.

Hannah's PT eval is tomorrow. She will determine then if H needs a helmet for her Plagiocephaly caused by her Torticollis.

I noticed today that her right ear was higher then her left now.

I swear I am not making this all up. I am looking back at pictures of her when she was first born and even though the flatness of Plagiocephaly, wasn't noticeable the tilting of her head caused by Torticollis definitely was. But I just thought it was because she was a late term preemie and didn't have the strength to hold it to either side.

Bug and his buddy are in from outside declaring they are starving to death, interrupting my thoguhts...So I am off.

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