Monday, April 19, 2010

Hannah was dx with Torticollis

Hannah in her Bumbo working on her neck muscles

Hannah had her Four month wellness visit today. Her stats are.

weight: 12 lbs 6 oz (17%)
length: 24.5 inches (53%)
Head Circumference 16.5 (71%)

She is a peanut. During her two month visit the dr. advised us to be mindful of her laying on one side too long b/c she was getting a flat spot on the side of her head. We have been really good about this and I brought it up again today b/c the flat spot has gotten worse and she doesn't turn her head to the right well. She will do it, but not for long and only occasionally.

After examining her, she said that Hannah has what is called torticollis

She was referred to PT and after evaluation her the PT may or may not recommend a helmet to help reshape Hannah's skull. It's not totally noticeable in the front. her forehead is pushed forwards a little on one side, but unless she has to wear glasses later in life you probably wont notice. The back is a different story. One side is perfectly round why the other side looks like it was sat on and squished.

The doc. is hesitant for the helmet, but we aren't suppose to lay her on her back for any reason except for sleep. as if. how am I suppose to do that. Wouldn't the helmet help prevent it from getting worse until her neck muscle is working properly?


  1. That is such an adorable photo! And I don't know anything about torticollis but wouldn't be surprised if it's like every other damn thing doctors freak us out with... meaning that, most of the time, these things improve on their own, especially as a baby gets older and stronger. I hope so, anyway... not being able to lay a baby down all day except during naps is insane! :)

    I wonder if infant massage would help, since that link says the condition is caused by tightness of certain muscles?

  2. The doc. originally said that if we holder her or make her use her "good" side then the flatter side probably wouldn't get worse and would heal on it's own by four months....we did everything we were told and then some but it's gotten worse. AND the limitation of movement although has improved slightly is more noticeable as she gets older. Doc. isn't thinking a helmet is needed, but I think damage is already done and a helmet would help with the laying down part as well.

  3. I'm sure you're right. The helmet sounds like a really good idea at this point. I hope your doc listens to your instincts about this. Gah. Parenthood is stressful. But I guess you know this more than I do. :)