Tuesday, October 6, 2009

c/s date scheduled...update

Spoke with the OB office today. The c/s is scheduled for Dec. 22. the day after my birthday.

But honestly. I hope she comes like a week or two earlier then that. As of Saturday I will have been pregnant for 200 days. I love that I am pregnant. I just want my Hannah healthy in my arms.

spoke to my GD specialist as my mid day (breakfast and lunch) sugars continue to be high. We are now upping the morning med. Constant tweaking. We knew that was a possibility. Hopefully this will do it. My sugars will even out. I think part of the reason I dont feel so hot lately is that they are so high. PLUS high sugars make you pee more. enough of that already. I feel like I spend more time walking to the bathroom then I do on bed rest.

I read in one of my baby books that at 28 wks the baby will respond to light. So I tried a flashlight. Her kicking increased and she moved across my stomach. It was really cool.

We got Bugs xmas shopping done this weekend. I looked cute riding in the stores scooter carts. man those things are slow. But I know I would not have been able to shop if I had to walk around. The next day we went into another store that didn't have a handicap scooter and just simply walking to the toy section drained me of energy. I didnt feel like shopping. So we left. Glad that is over and done with. Still have neices and nephews to shop for, but that wasn't as important as getting Bug's stuff. I can shop on line for them I suppose.


  1. That's exciting to have your date - maybe it can be kind of like a late birthday present!

  2. woot woot! That's a great date :)

    I hope the meds help ((HUGS))

  3. Holy crap you are x-mas shopping?! You are my new hero. Damn.

    I didn't know that high sugars made you pee more. Seeing as I go about 40 times a day...now I'm scared of the gtt on Thurs.

    Did you have a nice weekend away?

    I've been pretty bad about keeping myself entertained. Honestly, I've watched way too much tv and I've slept a lot. I have thought about starting my x-mas cards tomorrow though.

    Is Hannah positioned on your left side only or did she move into the center? Mine is totally on my right and they keep saying that it will even out and hasn't.

    Can't wait for Thursday!

  4. I really know how you feel about wanting to have Hannah arrive a week or two early, but I hope you manage to keep her percolating until your CS date. It's a tough time for him right now, but Bug will be OK. As long as he doesn't feel responsible for any of this ("because that's the doctor's job"), it will help. My granddaughter started acting up and not sleeping well during the last two months of her mom's pregnancy. She worried about mommy and didn't like that mommy seemed sick all the time. Once the baby arrived she was enormously relieved and happy - and she slept like a champ!