Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great Appt.

Today's appt. at the OB and GD doc went super well. So well that they dont want to see me for two weeks.

Hannah-Girl is doing awesome. She is kicking and moving and breathing. She even has HAIR. YeS HAIR!!!!

We didn't get any good pics. U/S tech seemed like a bitch and not patient friendly at all. She didn't even attempt 3D. Didn't "play" for us at all. there was a u/s tech in training and it was like she was showing off for her. But had no personality at all. All business.

I even asked about checking the cervical length and she said that there wasn't a request for it. She went and asked the doc. and he said not to bother cause I was now 30 wks and there was no way of "measuring" if it's on target or not. No chart to compare it. OOOOO.K.


Meeting with L my GD doc and she as super pleased with my sugars. We went to 10 mg in morning and 5 in the evenings with Glyburide. My sugars seem to have settled. She doesn't need to see me for two weeks. Super. That is awesome.

So there it is. Good news. ALL around.

OH. except for the fact I learned why I have to pee every two seconds. Hannah is literally. LITERARLY sitting on my bladder. Her butt is pressed right up against it. Fantastic.


  1. WOot for the great appointment!!

    ugh for the u/s tech. i wish they'd ask before they did training..


  2. So glad your appointment went well!

    I could be making this up but I think I might have heard somewhere (and my old family practice doctor offered me the option when they had nursing students) but I think unless you are at a literal teaching hospital you can always refuse to be part of training or be seen by a student. Unless you've signed something to the contrary?

    I'm all for getting people trained, but sometimes it might not be the right time.

    But, the most important thing, I'm glad your appoinment went well!

  3. the student being trained was just observing, so she wasn't doing the actual exam. At first it was neat cause the u/s tech was explaining all that they were looking for and why they were doing certain things. But then that was it. There was no patient friendly reward with views of baby. It was all business. a mama wants to see all of her baby, not just the fluid, umbilici cord and such.

    While the u/s was writing up the report the student got to practice and her touch was so light that it felt like a mini massage, so I can't complain there.

    I've just learned that there are two different types of u/s tech. Ones that really enjoy their job and like to share the experience with the patient. then others that want you in and out with no personality at all.

  4. Yeah for a great appointment! I've had experiences like the one you describe. It does take the enjoyment out of the ultrasound, especially on a day when you could be celebrating. Sorry that you had to go through that. Can you request that you don't see that tech any more?