Friday, October 30, 2009

nap? what nap?

So maybe the doc was on to something when she said stop napping, sit on someone else's couch, talk to people on the phone and get off your computer..... I am not crazy.

Yesterday marked day four with no nap. I've been painting picture frames, letters of Hannah's name and a clock to match the color of the butterflies the previous owner stamped on her wall. (it was her babies room as well) The four picture frames will hold butterflies that Bug has drawn and be on the biggest wall in her room. The lettering when I finish attaching the ribbon to them will hang on the wall over looking her crib.

I got the blood work back from Monday's dr. visit. and everything is fine, except I am slightly anemic. Which isn't a surprise since I tend to be outside of pregnancy as well. So yet another pill. I am beginning to feel like your local pharmacy. But at least it's nothing serious.

Starting to wash all the Hannah clothes to hang in her closet and put in her drawers. one of my favorite outfits for her from carters shrunk. So bummed. I think it would fit a dolly now. I picked up her xmas outfit the other day. it's white with red snowflakes and a red ribbon down the leg and across the chest as if she is a present. It's adorable. I have her going home from the hospital outfit. Bug wore a multi striped pants/sweatshirt fleece outfit that my sister-in-law brought to the hospital from her house that my niece outgrew cause he was born early and the bag we had packed had a warm weather outfit in it and the day we were to be released it was raining, windy and chilly. I thought it would be neat if they wore similar outfits. His was more basic colors and a bit big, but did the job. Her's has girly colors and should be just her size. I can't wait to see her in it.

I've been looking for nursing nighties and bras. no luck. I did find a nursing book at a consignment shop yesterday for a buck. It was written in 99 revised four times. but the only other book Ive found is at borders and written in 2000. Not much of a difference except the price. So i thought. Ive read info on line. At as well as ivillage. as well as the nursing chapters in other pregnancy books. and some of the book I've read so far is a little out of date. But the technique of latching is really informative and that means something...

any suggestion on books for nursing. Nursing clothes? I can't seem to find any for larger woman and long sleave for winter. ugh.

time to empty the bladder and find breakfast.


  1. Your projects for Hannah's room sound awesome - especially having the pictures Bug made in there. That is a really cute idea!

  2. I found the nursing books never helped me, but I love our hospital's lactation center. Those women are angels! As far as nursing bras's, I'm wearing Bravado's 'sport style' (i.e. welcome uni-boob!!) for now until the girls aren't SO swollen. Also sticking with t-shirts and long sleeved T's for now. Not very stylish here!

  3. You might be able to find breastfeeding tops/nighties on Ebay.

    The brand of tops I have is "Maternity Plus" though I've no idea if you'd find them in the US. Mind you they're not made for larger busted women, so the underbust seam hovers around nipple height, but the accessability is worth it.