Sunday, November 1, 2009

scary Moment

yesterday I woke up like usual. I watched a cartoon with Bug and felt what I thought were Braxton Hicks. No biggy. I got Bug ready for soccer b/c hubby is sick. Took him to soccer cause who else would do it since hubby is sick. I'll just sit there anyways right.

I was uncomfortable, but that could have been the mist of rain and wind. The game went quick. By the time we were in the car I was nauseous. Made the short ride home. tightening in belly, run to the bathroom bm issues. nauseous and bm...PRETERM LABOR right. I get to the bedroom. I am doubled over and we call the dr. they have me come in.

More of the same while there at the maternity ward. But it's not registering. dr. says this early that isn't abnormal. All test come back fine. Hannah is fine. great actually. But I still felt crappy.

The dr. on call (same practice as my dr.) told me I am back on the couch, no getting up. so I guess it's back to the craziness. he said that it could be a virus. But I have no fever and feel fine...minus the tightening hard belly. He said that I probably did too much when I got the go ahead to move about the house. I need to make an appt. with dr. L. on Monday to check in with her and tell her about this weekend. I wasn't suppose to see her for two weeks. oh well.

I felt so alone yesterday, even though hubby was right there with me. Lost in my own mind. I wish my mother was alive. I wish my family didnt live so far away and cared more. not out of sight out of mind. I've been on bed rest for two months now and no one has visited me. i take that back. My MIL bff bought me a book and brought it over for a short visit. and my FIL pops in to help around the house and to say hi. but doesn't ever stay long enough to fill the gap of my own father not coming. I love my husband so much. He does so much for me. He tries so hard to fill those gaps but the man is human and it simply can't be done.

More later. i am so tired. Emotionally and physically. But yesterday was scary and as much as I want her out. I want her healthy. I want her to stay in as long as possible.


  1. ((HUG))

    I'm sorry that more people aren't visiting, that really stinks.

    Did Bug win his game??

    Thank God Hannah is doing well and staying put :)

    there's always games on facebook ;)

  2. Glad Hannah is good. That must have been horribly scary. How did the 'surprise' go today...can't wait to hear about it.

    These research papers are kicking my ass. I don't even want my cpa anymore. Would it be so wrong to drop out when I only have three classes left, lol?

  3. the shower was great fun. exhausting and totally screwed my sugars but very much needed. All the company.

    It was great to see my "step-mom" and sister and sister in law. hannah has tons of adorable outfits and her room totally needs to be gutted now cause the floor is covered. with gifts.

    she got her first doll and Bug promptly named it Polly and agreed that it was his job to take it to the hospital when hannah comes. then as I was showing Daddy all the goodies, he took the camera and took pictures of every little item. it was adorable.