Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today's appt. brought tears

Not a great week for my body. Official-- stay off your feet ---bed rest and I met with the GD doc today and now have moved onto insulin, four times a day. I know I did my best to keep my sugars down. I followed the rules. I did what I was told and it still wasn't good enough. My placenta rules my body. I know it's not my fault but I couldnt help tear up. I said to my FIL tonight, I just wish something would go right this pregnancy. He wisely said. "Something has. You are 32 wks pregnant. Hannah is healthy and still in there. It's been a challenge, but you are at 32 wks and you are still pregnant. To me that is pretty right." WOW. I needed that. He is right. I'm still pregnant.

I did my first shot tonight before dinner. was slightly freaked out. and then Bug busted into the room and Mike tried distracting him and I was like...I can't show Bug I am freaking out (or he'll freak out) so i just did it. The action didn't really hurt, it was afterward that stung a little. I guess, much like the zillion finger pricks a day, I will get used to this too.

We also had an u/s. Hannah is doing awesome. she weighs 4.5 pounds, which cracks me up cause that is all I have gained. everything about her is perfect. And it was cool that the u/s tech was the tech that I saw weekly in the beginning when Hannah was just a blob. It was cool that she got to see her so close to her due date.

Bug had his sibling class today. He didn't seem too in it, but once we went into the maternity part and he saw a room that Mommy could be in and a real live 30 minutes old baby boy he was so excited. He told me before bed that he loves Hannah and can't wait to see her. That was very touching.

I'm still tired and emotional. Hubby and I are doing better. He was really supportive today. Hillary said it best in a comment on my previous post.."Sometimes when words are too difficult, a good hug with the hubby just helps bridge the hurt and misunderstandings."

So true.

I did get my hug today.

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  1. I'm glad the first shot didn't hurt too much...6 more weeks to a healthy little girl!!