Tuesday, November 17, 2009

34 wks and more crap

Good news is I am 34 wks. YeeHaw.

Bad news is I had to have blood work done yesterday to determine if I have Cholestasis of Pregnancy.

What is Cholestasis of Pregnancy:

Cholestasis of pregnancy is a rare condition that results from a liver problem. Roughly 2 percent of pregnant women may develop this condition, which occurs when bile fails to flow normally in the small ducts of the liver. This results in bile salt accumulation in the body and can cause excessive itching. This itching is more intense than other forms of itching. Some women scratch so severely they end up with small tears in the skin. (I am miserable. I feel like I have chicken pox without the pox or rash. Or better yet like I have creepy crawlies all over me)

This problem like many other pregnancy related skin conditions clears shortly after delivery. In some cases your doctor may recommend an early induction depending on the severity of your condition.

So. I am waiting for the results. But man I itch and nothing helps.

My insulin was yet again increased. I now have to go into the city twice a week for u/s for baby wellness and one time per week for the GD specialist.

I've been really depressed. miserable really physically and mentally. I feel like I am holding on by a thread. One moment I feel like I am getting used to what is thrown at me and then the next comes something else and I want to scream, kick and cry. SOB.

This pregnancy has been one of the most challenging things I have every gone through. I wish all the medical issues didn't take away from the excitement of having a little girl.

I am so scared that after she is born I will be more relieved then joyful to have her in my arms.


  1. I can't even imagine your misery at this time:-( Even people that have had IF can complain, it okay. I don't know if the last few weeks of pregnancy are more difficult or the first few weeks or newborn baby... hang in there.

  2. Stay strong, you can do it! i was miserable the last month of my pregnancy with my son. starving all the time, but couldn't eat hours before bed because i would wake up vomiting. so middle of the night, i would be up eating. then i would have to stay up and watch dreadful tv for hours because i couldn't go back to bed. it seems endless, but it will end and then you will have a beautiful baby and forget everything except the joy.

  3. Hang in there girl. I am praying for y'all. You are almost there!!

  4. Hurray for 34 weeks! Boo for Cholestasis (maybe you won't have it?) and itching in general.

    I know what you mean about wishing all the medical junk didn't take a away from the excitement. I am right there with you on that one!

  5. It sucks that the crap is taking away from the excitement. When she's born you may well feel relieved, and that is ok. The excitement and the love will come. However you feel is ok, you don't need to feel bad about how you feel on top of everything else, you know? Hugs.

  6. Crap. Itching, really? This has really been a roller coaster. But, the ride is almost over. Thank God.

    I wish I could help.