Sunday, November 8, 2009

shootin' up.

So last week my GD specialist put me on insulin. I actually cried. Not because I had to go on shots. I'm just super tired. One more thing. But it's actually (despite the whole shot thing) has worked out better then the pill.

I dont have to plan a half hour ahead of meals. I can just take the shot and eat. Unfortunately we still dont have the doses down so we are still adjusting the amount.

I'm slowly getting used to injecting myself four times a day. Not fun. But it helps to have Bug around so I dont hesitate. He is having his flu shot next week. I want him used to the needle and be like...mommy does this everyday. Hope it works.

I go back to the GD on Monday for a follow up. Then to the OB in the afternoon. Next week is pretty busy with appt. I'll be 33 wks on Tuesday. We are getting closer.

Does anyone have a cat that has grown totally attached to you when pregnant. I dont know what it is, but Sophie my 3yo kitty follows me everywhere. She even braves getting on the bed when hubby is in bed (big no no) and will lay right on me. I go to the bathroom. she is right behind me. I sit on the couch and she is either right on me or sitting on the back of the couch right next to my head. It's like she knows. She has even gotten to the point of kidnapping a beanie baby souvenir from MIL room and carrying it around the house, like its her baby. Never has she done this or anything like it before. It's so weird.

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  1. My cat has been exactly the same, almost right from the start. I have a couple cats and one in particular is usually fairly standoffish. But within a couple weeks of me getting pregnant, she changed a ton... normally she spends a lot of time outside or hiding in a quiet corner, but now she sticks by me about 90% of the time. It's very weird!