Monday, November 23, 2009

35 wks & PUPPPS

Had one of my twice weekly appts. today. I still haven't gained anymore weight. Not complaining there. Results of blood work were negative for Cholestasis. thank God. But new rashes that have recently appeared along with the continued itching points to a diagnosis of PUPPPS.

PUPPPS stands for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy.

Or in other words, an extremely annoying rash that covers my entire body, and itches so bad I scratch uncontrollably. There really isn't any way of getting rid of it, other than having Hannah.

My GD insulin has gone up yet again and am told some of the cream I am to use to help with relief from PUPPP may cause my sugars to go higher...need to keep an eye on it.

I begged and begged to have Hannah next week at 36 wks. but was told that it was way too early. the Peri was super nice. He totally felt for me. He said we can do an amnio at 37 wks to test lung development. So I can potentially have Hannah in two weeks. the week of Dec. 7th.

Pray that her lungs are great. I can't take this itching much longer. I slept through most of last week. Literally. day and night. skipping meals and snacks or eating a cop-out of a meal and not taking sugar count. GD specialist L was sympathetic but prescribed a different med to help with the rash other then Benadryl so I wasn't so drowsy. I didn't want to tell her sleeping the week away was fine by me.

But Bug does have the rest of the week off from school, so that really wouldn't work in our favor. That is my biggest guilt is missing out on so much with him.

Hugs to all.



  1. For your sake, I wish these last few weeks of Bug being an only child weren't so difficult. The 'only' relationship you have with him won't ever be the same. Maybe have a movie night with him to help this? I remember the "Friends" episode when Pheobe got the chicken pox and she duct-taped oven mitts to her hands so she wouldn't itch her arms, etc;-)

  2. Jeez. I'm thinking about you. Hannah needs to just make an appearance already. How far did you make it with Bug again?

    My doc said I can deliver anytime after 35w0d.

  3. Ugh, you sound completely miserable :(

    It'll all be over soon. I mean that in a good way.