Tuesday, October 20, 2009

quick note

How do get a kid who is just over the line of too sick to go to school but still has a enough energy to bounce around the house to slow down and take a nap. I dont think the nap is going to happen.

But I did get him to sit on the couch to watch tv. maybe through out the day he will fall asleep. PLEASE fall asleep.

I am not feeling so great myself. Not sure if I am coming down with what he has, that would suck. But I did get the flu shot so shouldnt that repel every bad bug that comes this way? LOL

My GD meds were increased to the highest dosage this morning before going to insulin. I am feeling so shaky. Not good. I have a job interview in an hour and half and all I want to do is go to bed. I hate having to do this. it's not like they are going to hire me. Not as big as I am.

On a fun note I borrowed a pair of maternity pants from my neighbor. she is a size below me. I wasn't so sure they were going to fit...but they do! That is awesome.


  1. I got the flu shot last week and it made me feel like ass for three days.
    Sorry you have to go on a job interview. It would be priceless to see their face when they call your name, lol. It will be good when it's over. How many are you required to go on? Do you have to do more?
    I'm finishing my midterms today and then I'm out of things to do again. Ugh. Do you want to come over tomorrow night and watch Top Chef and eat stuff we aren't supposed to, lol?

  2. You'll have to tell us how the job interview goes!

    Gah, i hear you. my dd does that too on days when i just want to sleep...bounces off the walls...and now with it being dark from 6pm to 7:30 am...gargle..here comes winter..

    I hope you are feeling better on the new dose.

  3. Mary, I would so love to come over...I dont think I have enough gas to make it there though or an airline ticket.

    The interview went super well. I think if I wasn't pregnant that I would get it. I'm actually kind of excited, cause even pregnant I could potentially get it. The salary is flippin awesome and it's case management for children with special needs. Totally my speciality.

    The main office is less then 8 min. down the road. 5 min. from Bugs school. I would have to travel some distances to clients houses, but most of the clients are local.

    I would so love this position.

    I need to apply to a job or have contact with a potential job at least twice a week to meet my requirements for unemployment. ugh.

    Bug is feeling better, me not so much. I only slept this afternoon for an hour but seriously not enough. But with Bug home I was lucky for that. He had rest time on the couch. And now is full of energy again. His fever is gone, which is good. Back to school for him tomorrow.

  4. That sounds incredible! Maybe you will get it. That would be great and probably a very large relief. I can't believe you have to have contact twice a week. That sounds like a full time job keeping up with the requirements. Ick.

    Glad Bug is better, sorry you aren't:(

    My new entertainment...pre-filling out baby thank you cards. I'm such a dork.

    I just got the call and found out that I passed my three hour gd test. Finally, I passed something.

  5. It would be great if I got the job. But in totally honesty. I dont have the engery and I am nervous about preterm labor.

    I hope they offer me the job and (yeah I am dreaming here) say can you start mid Jan.

    Mary, How do you pre-fill out TY cards?
    Yeah for passing glucose test. I can tell you from experiene it sucks.