Tuesday, October 13, 2009

last weeks appt. and long weekend

Sorry for the delay, I am so tired these days and the pregnancy is all I think about, so it's hard sometimes. I just need a break from it.

This is part of an email I sent Mary and I am being lazy and using parts of it as a cheat so I dont have to re-write.

u/s went well. uneventful really. I didnt even get pictures, which I didnt realize until two days later. She is now breached. I know exactly when that happened. It's kinda interesting knowing my body so well at times and Hannah. She is 2.10 pounds. my cervical length has shortened a little, but still at a good length. I'm continue to have lovely pains when I walk or do anything other then pee. I just tried to pick up the living room and my lower uterus parts hurts. So I am done. Not worth it.

I had a non-stress test to determine if I am contracting, but she was good. Like always. She never likes to perform for others. Bug isnt patient enough to wait with his hand on my stomach to feel her kick, but this afternoon he saw her kick and my belly jump. He thought it was super cool. Huge GRIN!!!

I got the go ahead to go to Kohls for a quick visit. With the hopes of using a wheel chair. No wheel chair so I said, the hell with it and walked. Damn it if Hannah didnt have me bent over near the boys department. That was my cue to go home. I am still told to stay off my feet, but was encouraged to cook and go on trips to Bug's bus stop. Depending on how I am feeling. Just so I dont turn to jelly. No more shopping trips though and no lifting laundry or going up and down the stairs.

I spoke with my GD specialist who I love. I'm doing all I can to stay on pills, but I called her Friday with some crazy ass high numbers from Thursday and Friday. So she bumped me up to 7.25 mg for both day and night meds. If this doesnt work, I'll go to a full blown ten for each. If that doesnt work I will go to four shots daily of insulin. YEAH. But over the long weekend as my body started getting used to the higher doses my sugar level plummeted. I'm not suppose to go below a 60 count, but four times I was in
the 40's. My lips had gone numb, eye sight wacky. I was shaky and blah. I slept for two days. With an alarm or person waking me to take sugars or eat something. I emailed GD Doc to remember she doesn't work Tuesday...Great. I have an OB appt. tomorrow just a check in. With a u/s and GD visit on Thursday.

I am so sick of feeling blah. sick of watching sugars. watching what I eat to either have my sugars soar or drop with eating the same thing. I am bummed that I have to miss so much of Fall happenings with Bug. Cause they aren't handicap accessible. (pumpkin patch/country fair/corn maze. Missing step sister's baby shower (her due date was four days before mine). Missing turkey day back home, if I go to c/s date then I will be in hospital for xmas, missing My favorite two days of the year. christmas eve at my husbands grandmother's house (THE BEST) and xmas morning here at the house for a big waffle breakfast with immediate family.

I pray, please, please Hannah come early, in Dec, but before the 22nd.


  1. Funny how both of our doctors said to stay off our feet, but that we can continue to cook. Is your dr a male too, lol?

    I hope Hannah comes Dec 12th:)

  2. ((HUGS)) Praying she cames safely and a little early ;)

  3. I am wondering what is up for both of you with this stay off your feet but keep cooking thing! :)

    I'm glad that you like your GD specialist - it sounds like it is very overwhelming to deal with all that so at least you have someone good to work with.

  4. oooo i nominated you for an award too :)

  5. Hoping that the discomfort eases some and things start to improve with your GD soon. (That must have been scary with your levels so low!)

    Hannah, be nice to your momma and come a tiny bit early! :-)