Wednesday, October 7, 2009

so it begins...BUG

We have been totally honest with Bug. We have to because he is a smart kid. If we give him sugar coated answers to why Mommy can't wrestle with him or get my butt of the couch he will keep asking. So we told him. He is my little GD cop and makes sure I eat and dont eat crap. And now with bed rest we said, You tried to come early and now to make sure Hannah stays safe and healthy Mommy has to do this, so she doesnt come early...

But why can't she come early....we'll if she comes too early she could be really sick or even die. Which would be really sad. We dont want her to be sick.

So, he has been great. we have quiet time on the couch. I read him stories and we watch his cartoons, we play the wii, matchbox cars (barf me). he seems to be doing ok. More clingy since I went on bed rest. But ok.

I sent an email to his K teacher telling her I wont be able to attend the parent meeting regarding parent helpers in the classroom (I so wanted to be that Mom). and gave her an update on the bed rest and please keep an eye on Bug to make sure that he is still doing ok...

well guess what her response is. he seems a bit distracted and has had to sit out at group time on several occasions due to not listening and talking out of turn. She said this is new behavior for him.

Which makes sense since I just went on bed reset. then he makes a comment last night about how me being pregnant makes him sad. He wants me to climb up on his new loft bed and I cant. But he doesn't want Hannah to die. Hmmmmm. Red flags. Maybe we are a little too honest. I dont know. We dont go into detail. just general. so hhmmm. what to do. I'm worried.

we talk to him both hubby and I at different occasions to put his listening ears on at school and try to see where he is at emotionally. I dont want this transition in his life to be traumatic, I want the birth of his sister to be joyous.

His K teacher suggest something...lets have him meet with the social worker here at school. Give him a safe place to talk while playing games. Great idea. Give him that one on one attention. then SW can let us know where he is at. Help us with keeping Bug happy and excited for a new sister without worrying himself to death.

He is such a compationate little boy. I hope that never changes.

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  1. Bug is such a sweet heart and that will never change. I know it has to be hard on him not to be able to play with Mom like he is use to. But once Hannah is here everything will be great with them both. I am sure of that. Waiting seems like forever for him I am sure of that. He will be fine. I am praying for y'all.