Monday, June 15, 2009

baby names help.

OK so for months we have had the name of our potential baby all figured out.

Boy: Thomas Elliot C.

Girl: Harper Elayne C.

Thomas is hubby family name 3+ generations deep

Elayne was my Mom's name but spelled the way my sister's middle name is spelled.

The problem now is the name Harper.

This weekend my sister asked us what we would name the baby. I gave her the initials. Instead of Harper she guessed Hannah. This triggered a huge thinking process for Hubby and I. We like Hannah.

We like it a lot.

problem... we like both Hannah and Harper equally.

What are your thoughts?


  1. hmm i like both, too. harper is very unique. i like unique. hannah was the name of sammuel in the Bible... she too went through infertility. wow... i don't think i just helped any at all haha whichever u choose will be beautiful!

  2. i like Hannah :) And Thomas :)

  3. I like Hannah, it sounds softer than Harper.

    Yeah, my boobs feel like someone beat them about with a baseball bat. Yay.

  4. I like Hannah because it's more obviously feminine.

  5. Harper Hannah Elayne C. JK

    I think that Harper is adorable but it is becoming very, very popular so she would be more likely to have to share it with a classmate. I still ove it though. I think that is what I am voting for.

  6. thanks for all your thoughts. I am so leaning towards Hannah too for the old fashion name. It is soft and girly.

    I asked Bug if he liked Harper or Hannah?

    (hoping my putting Hannah last he would pick that one..)

    He said HarBer. that is no help. I could call potential girl Gulf or Sea or Ocean. just kidding.

    I didnt realize Harper was becoming popular. I'll have to look them up...

    You know I could have a boy and all this will be pointless.

  7. Both are great names. I Love them both. I am leaning towards Hannah as well tho :) Either will be AWESOME :)

  8. Sounds like things are going well - I have to vote for Hannah in the baby names. But YOUR vote is the one that counts! Good luck, and hope you find some energy (maybe borrow some from your Bug)