Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kindergarten step up day

I have to apologize to you all, I dont have photos. I can NOT find my camera. It is always an arms length away and for the life of me I cant find it. The last time I had was at the park for Bug's t-ball awards. I think it's in hubby's truck. God I hope not. we will never find it then....

so yesterday was step up day for Bug. It's a time for him to meet his K teacher Ms. D (who also had my hubby for K) and other classmates, see his classroom for next year and take a short ride on a school bus WITHOUT mommy.

It went super well. Our next door neighbor has a little girl, S, just a couple weeks younger then Bug. She will be in his class. Which is awesome. Nice little security buddy. They were so cute when they were holding hands and got onto the bus. Sat in the third seat back together. I so wish I had my camera.

After the bus ride all the kids came jumping off the bus into their parents arms to tell them about their adventure. Not my Bug. He saw me and went right into the school. ok. I felt so big. I think I was having a harder time then him.

While others were making their way down to the classroom Bug decided he had to pee. So he went into the boys room all by himself and 2o seconds later I heard. Mommy I am stuck. He had locked himself in and couldnt get out. I couldnt get him out in time before he crawled under the door and off he was. I was dying with laughter.

In the classroom he again ditched me for S. and activities on the shelf. I was dismissed to the library with all the other anxious parents. When the time was up we were told we could go check in on our kids and go from there. I was the first out the door.

got into the classroom and again ignored. He didnt want to go. When we left he was bouncing off the walls. He has asked 101 times since when Kindergarten starts. I had to laugh. step up day was the day after the last day of school. Summer vacation. so. he has to wait all summer.

again sorry no pics. I hate that camera. But it does the trick. wish I knew where it was.

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  1. He's getting big! I have a feeling my daughter will be like that when she goes to school.