Tuesday, June 9, 2009

everyday stuff...bug

not much to add lately. We are struggling with Bug to get him to preschool. I have no idea what his problem is, but he is done. We were going to pull him in July. But I am seriously thinking about pulling him at the end of this month after his preschool graduation. that way we dont have to pay the outrages summer activity fees. The neighbor's kids will be home this summer. S who is the same age as Bug and will be in his K class. With me not working we could use the 125 we pay per week for preschool/daycare.

we told Bug last night that Mommy was having a baby. His response, "Today?" I wish. He kissed my belly goodnight and asked "does that make the baby smile?" It was so cute.

I've started walking with my MIL. she keeps dragging my arse out. I tell her I hate it, but secretly I feel good that I get out. Even if I do hate walking.

Bug wants me to help him find a Laurie Berkner song... write later.


  1. AAAWWWWW Bug is super cute :)

  2. that's so sweet of Bug!

    :) woot to walking :)