Sunday, June 21, 2009

great dr. appointment

Sorry it's taken so long to post about the appointment.

I had an amazing ultra sound. I even have a picture of the baby waving. Plus since hubby couldnt be there, as usual, I got a dvd of the entire ultra sound so he can see it.

The high risk ob said everything looks great. My favorite are pregnant. He said I can stop taking two of my meds and he thinks I will go to at least 36 wks since Bug (after stopped preterm early on) went that far. Bug stretched the uterus. Dr. P. is 95% sure that I will have a healthy baby. He said no need for cerclage since he felt with my test and ultra sounds that I would carry farther then last time. He better be right!!!

I can breath.


  1. Breath... and smile!! So glad you had reassuring news!!

  2. I was starting to worry about you! I'm glad all is well. Did you get some materinity clothes?

  3. Glad to hear the good news!!