Thursday, June 25, 2009

near freak out

had my regular 14 wk visit with my OB yesterday (even tho I am 13 wks she is on vacation next wk) Everything is going well. I have actually lost 2 pounds due to lovely morning sickness all day. we are chatting and she says lets hope up and listen to that baby.

Yeah not as good as an u/s but works for me. She couldnt find it. I think I had a slow creep of panic cross my face because she immediately said, Dont freak out if we dont here it. That is normal. I ask even if we heard it three wks ago. Yup she said. But then we immediately find the heart beat.

I can breath. Dont do that to me baby.

newest craving...bananas.

This is funny because for as long as I can remember I hate bananas. Like really hate them. Their taste. their texture. their smell. yuck.

I have at least three a day. yum.

Advice needed...

Bug is so clingy. right now he is sitting practically on my lap watching Kenny the Shark. His elbow is propped on my arm making it hard to type. His hip is plastered to mine. Often he will lay across my lap. He wont let his dad do anything. it has to be me. I love him. I love the attention...but come on. I can't even sit on the toilet or take a shower without him right there. The other day he sat on the edge of the tub while I showered. come on.

He will even randomly say his belly hurts. Like mine after I eat or when I am nauseous.
any ideas.


  1. ((HUGS)) glad to hear the little one is growing, hearing the heartbeat is always reassuring.

    oh man, i have no ideas. my daughter is the same way. it's a nightmare when my dh tries to change her diaper. gah :)

  2. Sorry for the scare at the OB's! I wish they'd give regualar u/s's until the 14wk mark... it wouldn't cost them a dime!

    Do you think Bug's clingingness is something to do with school? Does his teacher mention any change in behavior? At least at this age, every stage is short lived:-)

  3. teacher says his days are much better now that we have cut his days down to three half days a week.

    I have no freakin idea why he is so clingy. There is no baby yet. Shouldnt he wait to start this clingy thing.

  4. Sorry to hear about the scare!

    I can't help but wonder if Bug's clinginess is related to school as well.