Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hannah it is & big brother Anthony

we have agreed that we love the name hannah. Now it's a waiting game to learn the gender.
I dont like waiting.

It amazes me how little energy I have. The littlest amount of energy used zaps me. I dont like it.

Bug has been great. He has dropped to three half days at preschool. I feel like he is home all the time now. this morning he created a new cookie recipe and had me write it down and he taped it to the stove.

3 spoon fulls of salt (which cracks me up cause we never use salt)
cookie batter (what? instant batter?)
Hershey syrup (to make the cookie chocolate)
M&M's (they go in everything)

He cracks me up. He says he wants to be a garbage man when he grows up. But really I think he is going to be the next baker. Move over Duff here comes Bug.


  1. aw, i hope you find some energy in the 2nd trimester hun.

    what a great recipe! (minus the salt) i'd eat it raw...

  2. LOL Bug is going to be a little baker for sure :) minus the salt it sounds good :)