Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bug's friend...UPDATED


so pick up time came and went. No Dad of friend. fifteen minutes go by...annoyed I call cell phone. no answer. I call on the half hour for an our and half. Both home and cell. No answer.

Hubby is fuming. I'm sooooo irritated. I dont know where she works but I know what town so I start calling the businesses industry that she is in. After five inns I find her.

Oh I am mad. She apologizes...I tell her it's not ok. She says she is going to call and wake up her husband who worked nights. He was suppose to pick up their two kids after work...not go home to sleep. WTF.

She calls back. My husband, who is mild mannered rips into her. She says she can't get a hold of Dad. But to drive the half hour to their house to drop off the kids.(if he isn't there, call her at work and she will drive home....AN HOUR PLUS AWAY!)

I get there, dad is walking out the door rubbing his face like he just woke up. he said Mom didn't call to wake him. I told him I had been calling.

He said he didn't know where his cell phone was...IMMEDIATELY after he said that as if on que, his phone rings in his pocket...NO JOKE.

He says all surprised like...oh there it is...I was sarcastic and said...OH there it is. I was livid.

SO, hubby and I both agree we wont be encouraging the boys friendship and my blossoming friendship with friends Mom is over. I dont need the lying and drama.

It still amazes me that even after my ten pm call to mom yesterday regarding sick two yo. that we didn't get one call from either parents to check in on their daughter today. Not one. No one asked at drop off or during our calls to them. WTF.


Is it wrong of me to really dislike one of my son's friends. He is only five. He drives me nuts. He whines all day long. If you ask him to do something like, pick up his spilled cheerios he puts his arms across his chest, pouts and stares at the ground with a whine.

He is constantly picking at his penis. ALL DAY LONG. Bug doesn't do this...not even once a day.

I over heard him tell my son "it was fun pulling our pants down last night, right." what do I do about that. They had taken a tubby together earlier. They knew that the other had a penis...I know it was friends idea. Bug never plays or even pays attention to his penis. After initially finding it as a toddler, that was it. He never really touches his.

We caught friend in a lie last night. Saying after he took gum and no longer having it asked for a piece (we put it out of his reach)We asked him what happened to the one he just had. He said, I dont know. Then he went on to say he put it under the couch. So hubby asks him to get it and put it in the garbage. He "looks" for it under the couch and tells us it's too far back he cant reach it. So I look. It's not there. When confronted he says he swallowed it. Well that was no biggy. It was the lie.

He lied again this morning when he hit Bug. and said that Bug hit him first. No he didnt. I was right there watching. Ugh. Bug isn't really lying yet. It drives me nuts.
I seriously dont trust this kid.

Now Bug is whining like no tomorrow. I have no patience for it. I hate it. truly hate whining. It's worse the chalk on the chalk board. My nerves are shot.

I've had friend and his two year old sister since yesterday at 10. and will probably have them past noon today because their parents are working odd shifts and their usual baby sitter is out of state. To add to it all, two year old C hates me. I have never met a child that hates me before.She completely ignores me when I talk to her. Will not let me do anything for her. Changing her diapers, clothes, food, dress her, bath her. It has to be hubby. But he doesn't want to change her diaper or bath her...weird I dont get it. He said he will his own girl. So we hold her down...or he holds her standing up while I put the diaper on while she stands. ...yeah I am that good. and sponge her instead of a full out bath.

Well adorable little pixie C is sick. snotty nose. and cough. Well cough in the middle of the night. It was awful. I am dead on my feet around ten pm. I call her mom. who is home from work by now and say hey, she has really gotten worse. She says give her half of whatever you would give Bug. But doesn't offer to come get her. The plan was to have the kids sleep here so they could get rest instead of going home at ten and back here first thing in the morning. But with a sick child, she is up and miserable anyways each time she coughs. she wont take the teaspoon of medicine. So I am sneaky and take the nipple from her bottle. Put the medicine in the nipple and ask her to have her bottle. In her sleep she takes the nipple. She coughs five minutes later...but sleeps through the night. THANK GOD.

I am irritated with kids mom. She hasn't call once since I have had the kids, for almost 24 hours. This is so off for me since I would be calling on every break. Plus if my baby was sick....

I am so annoyed. I wont be doing this favor again.

Hubby and I both agree...

Two is enough.


  1. man alive!!! God, i hope she picks up her kids ASAP!!!

  2. WOW!! Trouble in little packages. LOL
    I can not believe their mom has not called. I would be on the phone nonstop to see how my kids were. Good luck with them.

    ((Super Hugs))

  3. ugh... reading this just made me relive it. I still want to call her and give her a bigger piece of my mind. I wanted to call DHS.

  4. WOW That is insane!!!! I am so sorry you had to deal with all that.

  5. Just read the update...OMFG. Who the hell do these people think they are? No wonder the kids are a bit irritating if they are raised by parents like that. Jeez.

  6. These people are not worth your time and you definitely don't want them or their kids around bug. BTW I think your husband is right not to diaper/bathe the little girl, you never know when people might throw inappropriate accusations.

  7. I agree with Mary - run away when you see them coming!