Thursday, August 13, 2009

hair today gone tomorrow...

Oh that was a horribly bad title...But I couldn't help myself.

Well, yesterday I had seven...SEVEN...inches taken of my head of hair. it's now chin length and doing it's own thing in this humidity.

The best thing about it is I took a five minute shower. It could have been shorter, but I just stood there for three of those minutes. Then I got out. towel dried, put moose in it, a clip for my bangs (that arent quite bangs and curled so as not able to put behind ears to keep out of my eyes) and good to go.

It was awesome.

Hubby knew I had a hair appointment, first in like 18 months. He thought I was just getting a trim and if long enough do locks for love in honor of my Mom's bday coming up this weekend. But I was three inches short and I looked up to the heavens and said. "Please forgive me MOM....Cut it, M." So she did. Mom would totally understand. She is the one that gave me the thick heavy hair. When it was wet it was so heavy...oh the headaches.

So I showed up to Hubby's softball game last night with a new do. As I drove into the parking lot he squealed like a girl...I thought I was going to hit something or someone. I had a moment of panic, until I heard him say, "I love it." That was cool.

By the way...he won his game. It was close up to the last inning when Hubby's team smashed them...They beat the undefeated team. It was a play off game. It was super cool.

I'm off to buy Bug school shoes and his first pair of cleats for soccer. His first season of soccer. I can't wait.

Have a great day all.


  1. picture to come, once I put the thingy-mah-jig that transfers the pic from camera to computer back together.

    I had to take it apart and clean it cause Bug spilled milk on it, in it...


  2. woot! I want to see a pic!! lol i still have to post of my hair. :)

    i love getting my hair cut..