Thursday, August 6, 2009

stomach virus

so all that cramping I had was (is) a stomach virus. Food goes right through me. I did have my peri-u/s yesterday. Hannah has gained two ounces for a whopping 10 ounces. I on the other hand have lost a couple.

everything went well with the u/s except my placenta is low laying. Not too big a concern this early. but something else to monitor. Keeping an eye on it so it doesnt turn into placenta previa.

She is moving like crazy right now. I can't wait until Mike and bug can feel her. I think she is excited that I am up and out of bed and actually drinking more fluids.

I found a baby girl theme at Babyies R Us yesterday that I REALLY want. But well...we dont have the money and Bug's was unisex. I dont care. I really want it. It's called. sugar plum.

It matches the hand stamped boarder from the previous owner's baby's nursery.

Gotta cut this short...Bug needs me....


  1. aawww... i wish i could feel my baby move... i thought i did last week but i haven't since. kinda scary... wish i could. sucks to have a virus while going through so much already. Praying for u!

  2. Hoping you are feeling better today. Hannah is getting big! Tell that placenta of yours to behave. :-)