Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tired & 20wks...UPDATE (responses)

Wow. I am tired. Last night I laid down with Bug at his bedtime and fell asleep with him. If Hubby wasn't talking in his sleep, I would have slept all night. But after that I was in and out of sleep. Not being able to get comfortable. I was only comfortable on my back. which is a big no no. I can't really lay on my left side (uterus side) for some reason it's sensitive. Has been from day one. The leaves only the right side which goes numb after a while. So as you can see it's difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Lets hope that the next half of the pregnancy goes quick.

20 weeks. I can't believe it. I am getting a little more mentally comfortable each day. But sometimes like last night as I fell asleep I have a freakish thought that something maybe wrong with my Hannah Girl. Then she moves and I feel better. I can't wait until I am past 30 wks. I think I will be calmer with the knowledge that I surpassed the date I was at when I went into Preterm with Bug.

Bug is wanting MORE to eat for breakfast...Gonna go find him something....He already has had two pieces of toast and OJ....hmmm.... OH no I think he just found his caterpillar that didn't make it through the night....ugh...

wish me luck.

So how do you respond to everyone...I guess just an update right...

Melissa: I did buy one of those mega expensive prego pillows. I used it for a half hour reading in bed before falling asleep. It caused a huge HUGE anxiety attack. I was so claustrophobic. I couldnt use it. I tried a regular body pillow...It worked with bug. But not this time around. So I have two different pillows that I use for support in addition to the two I usually use. One is b/w my legs, a squishy one for upper body support and my regular two under my head. Hubby has so completely gotten used to only having a small portion of our queen size bed.

Hillary: OMG. My arms fall asleep too. They are so awkward. I have no place to put it. Hence the second pillow for arm support.

Mary: I so can't believe you are waiting to find out. that would kill me. WOW. I also don't remember being this uncomfortable this early with Bug. It must be because I am six years older and 40 pounds heavier. I am sure you will do much better then me at this stage of teh game. I am already having difficulty getting of our squishy couch. This afternoon I went to sit on the hammock to watch my father in law install a zip line for Bug. It was a long way from standing to sitting. then I went Humph. I think my ass hit the ground. Then Bug wanted me to help him reach the zip line...I had to literally roll off the hammock. With FIL standing there laughing at me. HAHA. funny.


  1. good luck! yay for 20 weeks!!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone!!! Do you have one of those big pillows??

  2. I completely understand the difficultly of getting a good night's rest. My arms are numb most of the night.

    We haven't officially chosen a name for Baby Girl yet, although there are two frontrunners. We'll probably decided at the hospital. Hubby works better under pressure;-)

  3. The sleeping thing sounds complicated. I love it that I can read your blog and know exactly what I'll feel like in a month, lol.

    We aren't going to find out the gender. I agreed to wait and now it's killing me. Scott is much more patient that I am.

  4. I was the opposite, I have a right UU and could only sleep on my right. If I tried to lie on my left side it felt like everything was "falling" over to that side, awful! I had a complicated pillow set up as well.