Friday, August 7, 2009

OB appointment

So, additional to my peri-u/s earlier this week. I had an OB appointment today. I mention the pains in my stomach. Strange, but I couldnt put a finger on what kinda of pain, but she knew exactly what I was talking about.

It's my c/s scar from Bug, five years ago. She said that it's stretching and we need to keep an eye on it. make sure it doesn't go too thin. Man it hurts. weird.

so a couple of things to keep an eye on with this weeks appointments.

I also did my glucose testing early this morning. man that was nasty. I nearly lost it. I could feel myself go green. But it held and I had it done. I was nervous that at my OB appointment it would show (all that sugar) and there would be more concern for diabetes. I didn't have it with Bug, but I am also forty pounds heavier. But my Dr. said their was no excess sugar in my urine. I dont think I have a sugar problem...but might as well cover all the basis right.

hugs everyone...I'm watching Pollyanna with my MIL.

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  1. oh okay, glad that there's an explanation for the pain though, ya know? Ew, that drink was sick, i remember trying to think about anything else. :) Hope you have a great weekend!