Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She has done it again...

I'm so pissed. So very very pissed. And I told her so...

I got back from my OB appointment. Not really grumpy, but tired and hungry.

MIL asked how it went. I told her that the test came back and i have gestational diabetes. I was making myself a sandwich as I said this. I told her I was going to take my sandwich and check in on Bug at the neighbor's house.

She asked if I had talked to hubby. I said, "when would I have. I dont have a cell and I just got home." I told her I would be back shortly. I'd call hubby then. (No offense to hubby my desire to check in on my son was higher then calling and getting hubby's voice mail at the office. )

So I went next door. I came back and MIL told me that hubby had called. I said, ok. thanks. what did you tell him...I had a hunch... She said I told him that you had g.d. adn that you were grumpy.


First of all I was not NOT grumpy, but hungry. I said as much when I was making my sandwich. second of all. I told her I would call and tell hubby when I got back. Who the hell is she to tell my husband my news about my body. I told her as much. I tried to hold it in...

finally I said. I am not happy. That was not your news to share. (I mean telling MY hair stylist that I was having a girl and even taking my u/s pic to show her was annoying enough. but to tell my husband information about our pregnancy (ours meaning hubby and mine, not her and mine). Pissed me royally off.

She said...but as soon as you walked out the door he called. I figured you heard the phone ring. No I told her I didn't. even so, I wouldnt have stopped going over if I had. I had planned on calling hubby when I got home.

I am so mad I want to cry. even yell at her. I didn't yell at her, but firmly told her she over stepped her boundaries. She got up from playing solitaire at the computer and went down to her part of the house. GOOD!!!!

I even called hubby as I planned and sure enough I got his damn voice mail. lucky him. Maybe i will have calmed down by the time he calls back. DOUBT IT!!!


  1. i would've been pissed! ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. if you don't want to do the craft thing, that's fine :) just lemme know =)

  2. ((SUPER HUGS))
    I would have been pissed off as well!!!

  3. This would be seriously annoying. I'd be pissed off too.

    Maybe it will help some since you laid it out for her? If not, at least you got to have your say.

  4. Ugh. Sorry about the GD. I am with you--I would have been totally pissed, too.