Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy. Busy. Busy = exhaustion

It's been a crazy busy last few days. We went to Boston to see the Sox play. It was Bug's first trip to Fenway. He loved it. Then we went to the Boston Museum of Science. That was fun too. I am exhausted.

This coming week is going to be interesting. Bug starts K tomorrow. Big Kid school. yeah. I have multiple dr. appt. Once to see the OB, one for an U/S and another to talk to the consultant about the G.D. and how to check my sugars.

More to come later. I just wanted to put up a post to say hi to all. hope everyone is doing well.


  1. HI!!
    Sounds like Bug had a blast :)

  2. That trip sounds like fun!

    I hope you're taking a pic of Bug on his first day of school. Then you take one on his last day of school so you can see how much he changed during the year. (I plan on doing this for the boys for as long as they'll let me!)

    Take care! Looking forward to the update.