Monday, May 11, 2009

But I like Lobster

I love Lobster. My grandfather was a lobster fisherman.

When I was pregnant with Bug we had gone to a five star restaurant, only one in the state (I know I live in boonies) Our meal was over a hundred dollars. So yummy. I had the lobster only to jump up from my chair, book it to the bathroom to lose it.

I returned to the table to finish my meal. This wasn't a restaurant that we go to everyday.or been to before or since. I wasn't going to miss out on the experience. I made several trips to the bathroom until we finally took our desert to go and went back to the cottage we rented.

the fisherman's granddaughter. What a cruel joke. I was pregnant and I couldn't eat lobster or seafood in general.

Now to the present time. We had all you can eat lobster at the mother's day lunch yesterday. I was excited. Like I said, I love lobster.

What do you know. I started to get sick after my second bite. I had two full lobster rolls on my plate and access to more if I wanted. I felt my face go green. I handed my plate to hubby who was sitting next to me and was like...ugh. not again. LOL

So my mother's day started Saturday night during a huge melt down. We were watching a show and the wife was terminal. At the end I just broke down. Boy did I need it.

I've been in such a slump lately. My depression has been in full throttle lately. I feel like I am wasting my life while others dont have much time. I feel guilty. My Hubby deserves better. We talked for a long time. I cried and cried,. I needed it. It was cleansing.

For mother's day Hubby gave me the best present. It was a beautiful six 5x7 picture frame and in it he put pictures of Bug with my Mom. Bug as a baby wearing my mom's glasses, bug and me when he got his first hair cut, bug and me at disney and of us puddle hopping together last month. I love it. It was perfect. I dont know how hubby was able to pick the perfect pictures but he did.

Then I was able to sleep in as late as I could yesterday. I got up just in time to jump in the shower and go to church. Hubby had already bathed and dressed Bug. Church was great. It really was a good sermon. Then we went to MIL mother's camp. Number one snob aunt and uncle weren't there. YES. It was actually fun. I slept on the way home. got home and barely made it to bed where I continued my nap. Woke up to put Bug to bed. Wrestled a little bit and read stories.

It was a wonderful day. All except for my tummy betraying me with the Lobster. I could have done without that. LOL.


  1. Aww...what a great gift! He sounds so thoughtful.

    I love lobster as well:) That's one of the highlights of visiting my family out East.

  2. Sorry about the lobster.

    i don't like seafood :)

    I'm glad you had such a lovely day!

  3. Sounds like a great day except for the lobster. Sorry you are not able to enjoy lobster while prego. But I see it this way: Lobster + sick = everything is going the right way in there :)

  4. Yay for a great M day! What a good DH for getting the Bug ready while you got to sleep in - and how fab the annoying aunt wasn't at the family event. And I'm sure the cleansing cry was good for the soul; you are a bag of hormones right now, after all!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful day! Well, minus the whole lobster thing that is.

    Hoping the good cry was just what the doctor ordered to help lift the funk you're under. Hugs.