Sunday, May 17, 2009

quick funny

I have had horrible gas. Deadly. lol.

I was putting Bug to bed last night and we were cuddled on his bed reading a story. I had two incidents of passing gas, I excused myself and kept reading.

I looked down at Bug and noticed he had been pinching his nose while listening to the story.

I chuckled and asked him what was wrong. He said, "you stink mommy. go to the potty." he then kicked me out of his room because I stunk too much.

He wouldnt even let me kiss him good night. he groaned and turned away.

I laughed as I left his room and sent his grandmother in to finish the story.


  1. That is such a funny story. I needed a good laugh :)

  2. I completely understand the gas/bloating. For the first 13wks of this pregnancy, I've felt like the chickens on the 'Foster Farms' ad (they are plumped up with saline and look 3x as big). It was killer. Very unromantic;-)