Friday, May 15, 2009

good day. Great day.

So, I had a really good day. starting at 5:25 AM. (that wasnt so great, i am going to have to have a talk with Bug about that) But I had an u/s. (UU and MTHFR not in account) official due date is Dec. 29th. Cutting it close to the end of 2009. But I'm going to have my baby this year.

I had the job interview today. Case Management for adults with mental illness. I was so indifferent. Scared that I would get it, scared that I wouldn't. But I ROCKED IT!!! the guy told me so. he said I interviewed really well. That was cool. I had to call the university to make sure my degree qualifies me for some stupid Maine certification. I called but no one answered. We shall see. I think that certification will be the only thing holding me back. Like I said I rocked it.

I really want it. I really do. I can't say that about other jobs I have applied for or interviewed for.

Please God. Let this be it. Let something work out for me. I need a break. make it happen. amen.


  1. My computer is hating your blog again so I can only see the first paragraph, lol. I really don't get why it does's driving me crazy.

    Anyway, yay for Dec 29th. And as an added bonus you'll be able to claim the new baby on your taxes next year since you will have just made the cut! (Sorry, I'm finshing my accouting degree so I can't help but think this way)

    I hope your interview went well. I can't see if you wrote about it or not:(

  2. AWESOME!! Praying for you :)

  3. glad to hear about the interview!! How was the u/s today?

  4. I like the way Mary thinks! I never read the comments on here, but I had to come on and comment about our 2009 tax deduction and Mary already had for me. Cha-ching!

  5. Melissa. The u/s went well. She said everything looked great. the baby's size was right on target wtih last period and all that. Good! I even got pics. Nice little blob. hehehe