Sunday, May 31, 2009

movies with Bug and snow caps

Went to see UP yesterday. Cute movie. but what I wanted to mention was, Bug picked "snow caps" for his treat. Now if anyone has ever had snow caps about ten years ago they would know snow caps were about the size of your thumb nail. I was shocked. seriously shocked that the snow caps of today are half the size of your pinky nail. WTH. shocking. LOL

Bug loved the movie. It was truly sweet. the funniest part of the movie for me was when hubby fell asleep. He was sitting on one side, Bug and MIL on the other side. two rows in front of us was a couple with their two young children in between them. About the time Hubby fell asleep I noticed Dad two rows down also had fallen asleep. about twenty minutes later the little boy said, "Daddy wake up. watch the movie." that woke my hubby up thinking Bug said it. But it was pretty funny.


I'm crawling out of my skin. every little thing is bugging me. I dont feel normal. I have no patience and I feel like either crying or screaming. Probably both at the same time. Great. Fun times.


  1. that's hilarious about your dh falling asleep! mm snow caps...maybe that's the one thing that has gotten smaller over time? weird.


  2. LOL falling asleep in a movie something my hubby would do :) weird about the snow caps :)