Saturday, May 9, 2009

Not my Mother's day.

tomorrow is Mother's day. Not a great day for me as I miss my Mom terribly.

So I think. hey I am a Mom. I have one live son, two angel babies and a little one on the way. So I think that qualifies me as a Mommy. so tomorrow is my day too right. Riiiiight.

I have to appease my MIL. We are going to church as usual. No sleeping in for me. No silly breakfast in bed. So I get up, go to church. Because we have a new Pastor and MIL wants us there to hear her first official sermon. that is what MIL wants for Mother's day. After church instead of going home and chilling with my son and husband for MY day. I am going to my MIL family camp.

Not fun. My MIL's siblings are stuck up. difficult to be around. I hate making nice. just because it's mother's day and my MIL mother is back from her winter stay in FL. We HAVE to be there. Hubby doesn't even want to go.

Why do i have to make other people happy, when I am not happy myself.

When do I get my day.


  1. Hey, happy mothers day! And if there is a way to choose one thing to do with MIL (like go to church) and firmly declare the rest of the day YOUR family day, you should (or DH should). Because she is HIS mother, it would be lovely to spend part of the day with her, but part should be for you and your family too.

    And if you can't do that, I really hope you get to do something special just for you least you can put your hand on that belly and know your own mom-ness. GL!

  2. i am so sorry for your pain. i can't even imagine. will definitely be Praying for God to carry you through this weekend with beautiful memories of your beloved mother. much love and hope u are feeling well.

  3. Happy Mother's Day! I hope you and your dh & Bug have some time to celebrate your family unit since by this time next year there will be a new member :)

    Sending lots of love and hugs to you.

  4. Happy Mothers day :) Yes it is your day as well :)

  5. "When do I get my day."

    When she kicks the bucket. One day it will be your turn to make bug's wife crazy as hell. LOL!