Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life goes on, can I drag a toilet with me

Bug is home. MIL picked him up from preschool for me so I could sleep. All I want to do is sleep. I'm so tired.

I just took a shower, shaved my legs and pits. Getting ready for tomorrow's interview. I wont have time to shave in the morning.

I found a dress with a nice modern thingy that goes over it to minimize my belly.

Not that it's big from baby, but from when I stopped working out. Almost all my weight is in my belly. I look pregnant. I'm one of those woman you want to congratulate for their baby bump. But you aren't really sure.

I am nervous about the interview. Not really the interview part. I know my stuff. But it's at two in the afternoon and that is when I start to get nauseous.

Like right now. I dont feel good at all. But I have to take Bug to choir. I'm so miserable. It's like having the flu for weeks on end. Good golly. I feel like I have been on a boat and I cant get over the motion sickness.

Any hints. normal stuff isn't working. I have GERD so lemon is out. ginger is out. saltines dont help. I feel like vomitting just thinking about food.

Good times.


  1. aw, i hope this will pass once you get into the second trimester. Was pregnancy like this when you were pregnant with Bug? Good luck on the interview tomorrow!!

  2. Have you tried pressure points? There is a place on your wrists that if you apply pressure it supposedly relieves nausea - this helped me at least some. You can actually get wristbands at the drugstore (many people use them for motion sickness)

    And you might call your nurse, I was so desperate they gave me these suppositories that really worked, but you do have to stick em up there!

  3. It is all worth it in the end :) Nothing helped me when I was prego so I am not sure what to recomend :( Sorry