Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 Legs in a Race to Motherhood

It's a Marathon not a sprint. WHAT. I feel like I have two legs to my journey. Really I want it to be a race. A short sprint to the finish line. I want it to have happen yesterday.

The first leg is getting a BFP with this MTHFR thing hanging over my head. Doesn't it look like MTHFR could be on a vanity plate for MOTHER. or it could be a way to text mother fucker. Ok that is a stretch. maybe it's just my mood.

The second leg would be the pregnancy itself with the UU. Every day will be a worry to make it one more day longer. What would we do if I went early and our baby had to stay in the NICU. I have a son at home. He would be in Kindergarten. We would have to split our time here with Bug and 50 minutes down the road with Bean. I would want to be in two places at one time. But then again I've already had one child, my special uterus could handle a full term pregnancy. I could do it. Why borrow worry as Mom used to say.

It's so hard. I am not even pregnant yet. Who knows when I will be. I have the rest of the month before we can even ttc again. Then a 2ww. Ugh. I hate waiting. All this waiting. I am so not patient. I have all this time to think of 101 possibilities to a reality that hasn't happened yet. Man I am so not patient.

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